Amber LaRosa is a scenic designer, concept artist and graphic designer. She got her start as a graphic designer working for companies such as Landor Associates and Jack Rouse Associates. While working and studying as a graphic designer at the University of Cincinnati College of Design Art Architecture and Planning she continued to develop her skills in theater while working at MMH Theater teaching and designing theater with high school students. While in Los Angeles studying for her MFA in theater design at the California Institute of the Arts Amber has worked for Christopher Barrecca as an Asst. Scenic Designer for Rocky the Musical. She also participated in the 2013 Walt Disney Imagineering Educational Initiative developing concept art for unique guest experiences. Cofounded the design company, Tandem Industries, with photographer, Spencer Sturr. Currently is working for Walt Disney Imagineering as a Color & Paint Specialist developing black light digital art for printed production pieces that are installed for new and existing Disney attractions.